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The experienced Black Sand team strives to achieve our client’s objectives and complete satisfaction. From planning through final images, each element of a project is carefully analyzed to assure maximum success. Collaboration among the BSP team and our clients contribute to producing exceptional results. Each session is tailored to the needs of the individual and type of shot required. Our photographers share a goal of capturing the best moments in every shoot, while our skilled in-house editors provide superior retouching, enhancement and restoration services. Additionally, BSP offers assistance in web, print and other media presentation. 

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Our photographers and editing crew work diligently to capture and present you at your best. Schedule your office session now and save.

BSP's state-of-the-art equipment and professional staff ensure your aerial shoot objectives are creatively met, within budget and on time.

Our lensman record the excitement of the game, match, tournament or other competition. In most cases, reviewing the images with you shortly afterwards.

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We’re a dynamic team of experienced photographers, editors and code smart professionals - eager to assist with your next photo assignment, shoot or web design.

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Every shoot, every session has a distinct purpose and desired outcome. Black Sand Photography is committed to reaching our client's objectives.... every time. Sessions require adaptation to each project's objective. A business headshot session will likely differ from a casual family portrait. In either case, our photographers strive to achieve the shoot's purpose, goals and outcome.

Through our services, Black Sand offers assistance in web, print and other media presentation. Black Sand Photography specializes in providing professional photo sessions in the convenience of your office location, as well as at a studio, on set, outdoor and other locations. Join our satisfied clients in experiencing a hassle-free photo session with the professionals at Black Sand Photography.

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Meeting the Photo before the Person

Today's Realtors and many other professionals are keenly aware of this reality. The importance of an effective personal portfolio is paramount to a successful self marketing strategy. The significance of an engaging portrait, combined with innovative marketing techniques represent a distinctly powerful self promotion tool.

Our photographers and editing crew work diligently to capture and present you at your best. Black Sand lensmen know how to direct people who aren’t actors. Your portrait or headshot should represent you on a great day. Your personality, spirit, knowledge and commitment should also be reflected by your photos. These are requirements our photographers strive to achieve during every portrait shoot. We understand that the more relaxed and comfortable you are in front of the lens, the better your shots will likely be. We realize that few agents are accustomed to having a camera pointed at them during a shoot. Through a variety of poses, positioning and backgrounds, we work with you to achieve the results you want. Following the photo shoot portion of a session, images taken are reviewed with each client on a large computer display. Determination of the image’s suitability and meeting the client’s objectives are made. There is no obligation to purchase images. Typical on location portrait packages range from $99 to $119. BSP specializes in providing professional photo sessions in the convenience of your office location. Additional options include studio, set, outdoor and other locations. Join our satisfied clients in experiencing a hassle-free portrait session with Black Sand Photography.

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Real Estate

Effective Property Presentation

Few will disagree that a picture is worth a thousand words. This can be especially true with real estate, particularly real estate sales. Marketing a property through use of photographs is definitely among the most prevalent means of successful selling strategies. Interior and exterior images share in the effective presentation of a property. Photographic enhancements, including agent portraits and property portfolios, dramatically improve impact and uniqueness of a professional marketing piece. Creative photography, including aerial options, further enhance viewer interest. Digital media, including agent web-sites and property specific sites, particularly benefit from current photos. Use of seasonal shots also increases a viewers interest and awareness that the site or presentation is current. Black Sand Photography is eager to discuss particular objectives for your real estate listings and property sales needs.

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Special Times and Places

Efficiently documenting a corporate function, charity event or celebratory occasion requires a keen eye, adaptation to the environment and understanding of the event and client's objective. Black Sand photographers have an uncanny ability to be at the right place at the right time. Preservation of a special moment and capture of candid, spontaneous instances require the awareness and talent of a special photographer. Black Sand lensman are prepared to give the extra effort to achieve the photographic goals of your event.

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From High Above

Capturing an aerial aspect or perspective of a subject provides an opportunity to uniquely showcase a property or event. Our aerial arsenal now includes a new drone hexcopter with incredible photographic capabilities. Without the restrictive nature of larger crafts, this unique vehicle provides both still and video capture, allowing for a multitude of creative marketing possibilities. “Hector” is available for small, moderate and large projects. Package rates, including equipment, photographer and pilot are surprisingly affordable. Contact the studio for project consultation and rate quotes.

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Action, Speed, Determination and Victory

These are but few of the elements within the world of sports. Be it the intensity of a players focus, despair from a missed catch or exuberance of a winning point, capturing these moments is BSP sport’s photography. We work with individuals and teams, professional, prep and youth level sports. Pre-shoot consultation is recommended for discussing access (field pass requirements), objectives and other variables of a particular event. Black Sand is anxious to shoot your sporting event, match and game.

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